News for 2023

Sojourners, Awake! is a production of storytellers. Between an actual play storytelling podcast, youth classes and retreats, supporting our local game store Runcible and now Adventure Design, we are happily creating our hive like busy bees.

Art by Yuri Perikowski Domingos

I have a vision to move Sojourners, Awake to tell ourstory. This mean working (and playing) with others to nourish our creativity. And everyone is, by the way, in their own way and often with inspiring amounts of effect on the rest of us in the audience.

We are currently working on developing a 2nd Spring Retreat and a fully produced audio drama with a professional cast set in the world of Bonzarel.

This audio drama will be family friendly with common themes, set in the fantasy world of Bonzarel. We hope to release it on major audio retailers by the end of March 2023. The best part is that we have already done the work of creating the story while playing our favorite table top roleplaying games. So there won’t be any dice rolls, pauses or confusing rules. It will be easy listening stories that are sure to meet you in the heart space.

Did I mention I wrote an adventure designer? It’s simple and it’s available for purchase (pay what you wish) on Drive Thru RPG. Here’s the affiliate link.

Purchase the Product on DriveThruRPG

If you purchase this, I see it as friendly support to help produce and pay for the cast of the upcoming audiodrama. You don’t even have to use it! It can be just your way of saying, “I like what Sojourners Awake is becoming” – not just a self contained podcast, but a local community of creative work. It’s not just a story, or history; it’s ourstory.

Feel free to share and support. Thank you.

And as always, may your story continue!


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I talk about family, rhythms of life, homeschooling, travel, role playing games, and personality typology.

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