Trust and our Imaginations

click here for the original link on Subtack! There are few events in life in which trust is foundational to participate. Grief and Play are two of those times in which trust is necessary. They both ask us to abandon reason and logic, to express emotion and to submit yourself to relationships. Trust is aContinue reading “Trust and our Imaginations”

You have a New Player at the Table!

How to be a good Host as a Dungeon Master A Story to Begin Getting folks together week after week is the reason I keep playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I have this habit of meeting new people and inviting them to my house or online meeting hub for a friendly game and evening ofContinue reading “You have a New Player at the Table!”

RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming

In this early morning chat, my friend Johnn and I chat about game mastering. Highlights of the Discussion 1:00 Slippery Slopes and Hard Choices 4:00 Why is Rolling Dice Fun? 7:00 Relationship between Food and Gaming 21:00 RPG as an Art form – do we replicate reality or abstraction? 29:00 RPGs and Teamwork and UnderstandingContinue reading “RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming”

Improve your Improvisational Skills as a Dungeon Master

There is plenty of information on how to better prepare for your tabletop roleplaying games, but what about how to better improvise during the session? I have learned a few tips from people who think quickly on their feet and I think these techniques can help you improve your improvisational skills in each of yourContinue reading “Improve your Improvisational Skills as a Dungeon Master”

Improving your Improv Skills as a Game Master

A game master’s life is one of dedication. Most articles and advice segments show how to prepare for the sessions through systemized templates, efficient worldbuilding tips and practicing silly character voices. But when it comes to game time, the preparation can only take you so far before you need to access your skills at improvisation.Continue reading “Improving your Improv Skills as a Game Master”