Recipe for Exploration Encounters in Dungeons and Dragons

Recipe for Crafting Exploration Encounters in Dungeons and Dragons I love to cook, but don’t always keep up with my recipes and the same was true for playing tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. However, in making my own adventures, week after week, my players leaned upon the edge of their seat waiting inContinue reading “Recipe for Exploration Encounters in Dungeons and Dragons”

Happy New Year from Jonathan

Welcome Sojourners! Enjoy this end of the year update! I have a few things in production and in planning. As a gamemaster and dad, I always have my kid’s campaign running. While the games are not produced, I still like to post blogs and articles on realization I make while playing D&D with my children.Continue reading “Happy New Year from Jonathan”

Encounter Building in Dungeons and Dragons

Quite simply, a game master can prepare no encounters until the players first have a goal. Before designing your encounters, review the goal of the players and their characters. Then your encounters will mean volumes to the players and their characters. Scene – upon the ocean with shore in sight Goal – to reach theContinue reading “Encounter Building in Dungeons and Dragons”

Multiple Intelligences and Table Top Role Playing Games

In our family, we homeschool, and you may think of this as the DIY of education. We also play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, as that was the game we first learned. By blending learning styles such as Garner’s, along with TTRPGs, here is how I think the game brightens our children’s intelligence. I willContinue reading “Multiple Intelligences and Table Top Role Playing Games”

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Dungeon Master

Imposter syndrome can be described as doubting one’s self. I have heard many artists and professionals dealing with this phenomenon, including many game masters who sit behind the screen and wonder if they are doing their best, or even if they are worth the game. In this blog, I have a few ideas to addressContinue reading “Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Dungeon Master”

100 Books your Players will Enjoy

When playing Dungeons and Dragons, or any RPG, players often have limited options on how they can level up their characters. This leveling up system is very regimented. If you are wanting fresh and creative ways to introduce other ways to level up your player characters, then consider this document of 100 Books, Tomes, ScrollsContinue reading “100 Books your Players will Enjoy”

Challenge and Invitation – How to adjust your encounters as a Game Master while playing tabletop roleplaying games.

When playing RPGS, the gamemaster decides the encounters. What kind of encounters are available to use. I propose there are only really 2 options, but with varying degrees. Much like the burner on a gas stove, the setting is low to high and anything in between, but there are only really 2 directions you canContinue reading “Challenge and Invitation – How to adjust your encounters as a Game Master while playing tabletop roleplaying games.”

Visual Game Session Preparation

While there are many ways to prepare your tabletop roleplaying games as a dungeon master, I have found that after writing 4 pages of storyline, I would get bogged down with a forest of information during the game. I decided to give myself limits by keeping everything on one sheet and discovered that if IContinue reading “Visual Game Session Preparation”