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has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2017. As a storyteller, musician and hospice nurse, he enjoys listening to life stories. Using the powers of storytelling, he draws out the creative forces from each of his players. And so for now, our story continues.

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The Wild and the Wind – 5 – Jack Frost Sojourners Awake!

Welcome Sojourners to Season 8! The Wild and the Wind Follow Bertie Cartwright, Samoon and Eris as they travel the world of Bonzarel! Enjoy our 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Storytelling Podcast. Sojourners, Awake! Support the Podcast! TableTopAudio has excellent background music and ambience for your games.
  1. The Wild and the Wind – 5 – Jack Frost
  2. The Bookish and the Brave – 41 – The Shadow Monastery
  3. The Bookish and the Brave – 40 – Hillside Whispers
  4. The Bookish and the Brave – 39 – A Voice in the Woods
  5. Hello from Jonathan!

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Interview Time!

Interviews are the best way to eavesdrop on two friends talking! I kid, but I think this is why we like listening so much, because it feels good to hear people enjoying each other’s company. This interview covers homeschooling, dungeons and dragons, being a father and raising children. I’m sure you will enjoy it asContinue reading “Interview Time!”

Worldbuilding Recipes

Sojourners, Awake! Wonderful Places Wonderful Places possess the ability for an adventure to expand out of this place. Think of the recipe as an adventure within an adventure in which the players can continuously explore. Ingredients Instructions Name: Mama Leina’s Sweet Meats Keep the name easy to remember if you want the place to beContinue reading “Worldbuilding Recipes”

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