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Philosophy of the Game Master

has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2017. As a storyteller, musician and hospice nurse, he enjoys listening to life stories. Using the powers of storytelling, he draws out the creative forces from each of his players. And so for now, our story continues.

The Bookish and the Brave – 47 – The Council Sojourners Awake!

Welcome to Season 6 of Sojourners Awake! The Bookish and the Brave is a story about a revolution in the city of Bochen and the sojourner's quest to preserve knowledge, wisdom and truth. Von the monk of the Cloverblade Hawkins Idlehands, a gnomish inventor Sterling Stargazer, the seeker of the stars Asyndeton, the honest scribe. Visit TableTop Audio for background music and ambience. May your Story Continue
  1. The Bookish and the Brave – 47 – The Council
  2. The Bookish and the Brave – 46 – The Walk of Defeat; Together
  3. The Wild and the Wind – 7 – Crossing the Border of Tethryna
  4. The Bookish and the Brave – 45 – The Halls of Hell
  5. The Bookish and the Brave – 44 – Bardic Inspiration

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News for 2023

Sojourners, Awake! is a production of storytellers. Between an actual play storytelling podcast, youth classes and retreats, supporting our local game store Runcible and now Adventure Design, we are happily creating our hive like busy bees. I have a vision to move Sojourners, Awake to tell ourstory. This mean working (and playing) with others to nourish our creativity. AndContinue reading “News for 2023”

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