Interview Time!

Interviews are the best way to eavesdrop on two friends talking! I kid, but I think this is why we like listening so much, because it feels good to hear people enjoying each other’s company. This interview covers homeschooling, dungeons and dragons, being a father and raising children. I’m sure you will enjoy it asContinue reading “Interview Time!”

Worldbuilding Recipes

Sojourners, Awake! Wonderful Places Wonderful Places possess the ability for an adventure to expand out of this place. Think of the recipe as an adventure within an adventure in which the players can continuously explore. Ingredients Instructions Name: Mama Leina‚Äôs Sweet Meats Keep the name easy to remember if you want the place to beContinue reading “Worldbuilding Recipes”

Building the Young Ones

Hello! I am Jonathan and welcome to Sojourners, Awake. I build young men and women into leaders and storytellers. Sojourn – travel a day together under the sun Two things that children have always done well are Fun and Faith. No matter how old we become, I believe that there is still room and timeContinue reading “Building the Young Ones”

Listen to Actual Play and Storytelling Podcasts

Last week, I was at a birthday party. Naturally, I brought up Dungeons and Dragons as a topic. Someone there understood the reference, but then asked me “but how do you play?” Nowadays, we understand tabletop roleplaying games through references from our favorite streaming shows. But less of us know HOW the game is actuallyContinue reading “Listen to Actual Play and Storytelling Podcasts”

Wake up to Adventure!

If I only have 10 minutes to prepare a game, I spend all of my time developing the Incident. I think that once I start off with a strong incident, the players will generate their own fun and develop the story. From that point, I am simply responding to their actions and a session finishesContinue reading “Wake up to Adventure!”

Getting Unstuck as a Game Master

A common problem between the screen and the game I had to call a tow truck the other day. My car was stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere. It is frustrating to feel helpless, but I’m grateful for the 24/7 service that we have. Also, yesterday, I had a serious case of mental block. IContinue reading “Getting Unstuck as a Game Master”

Improve your Improvisational Skills as a Dungeon Master

There is plenty of information on how to better prepare for your tabletop roleplaying games, but what about how to better improvise during the session? I have learned a few tips from people who think quickly on their feet and I think these techniques can help you improve your improvisational skills in each of yourContinue reading “Improve your Improvisational Skills as a Dungeon Master”

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Dungeon Master

Imposter syndrome can be described as doubting one’s self. I have heard many artists and professionals dealing with this phenomenon, including many game masters who sit behind the screen and wonder if they are doing their best, or even if they are worth the game. In this blog, I have a few ideas to addressContinue reading “Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Dungeon Master”

Visual Game Session Preparation

While there are many ways to prepare your tabletop roleplaying games as a dungeon master, I have found that after writing 4 pages of storyline, I would get bogged down with a forest of information during the game. I decided to give myself limits by keeping everything on one sheet and discovered that if IContinue reading “Visual Game Session Preparation”

Running a Feywild Adventure without Combat

In the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the book recommends that this module can be run without engaging in combat resulting in bloodshed. I’ve heard on the world wide web that this has caused a little stir since most of D&D’s history, character features and plots involve mostly combat. May IContinue reading “Running a Feywild Adventure without Combat”