The Bookish and the Brave

The Bookish and the Brave

Images made from 2 Minute TableTop!

Welcome to Bonzar El! Here you can find the lore behind the world as well as the inside scoop of the adventure campaign The Bookish and the Brave. If you enjoy wholesome storytelling, and quality homebrew worlds, then you are sure to enjoy your time here.

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Introduction of the Sojourners

Von, Hawkins and Sterling all met during the revolution in Bochen. For one reason or another, they were chosen as applicants for the mysterious and elite position as the Bookends in Bald Top Library. Existing as it’s own agency, the library provided a safe place for them to hide out while the fires of Bochen burn on in terror. Meet the sojourners and read their homebrewed backstories as well.

  • Von – Way of the Kensai Monk – human and of the noble house of Steeplebottom in Bochen, Tethryna.
  • Hawkins – Battlemaster Fighter – gnome and business partner of Fletcher and Hawkins, weapons supplier in Bochen, Tethryna.
  • Sterling – Circle of the Stars Druid – water genasi and member of the Devlers in Maritorn, Neptunia of Waterworld

Click the images below for a better view – and leave a comment! Art credits go to Wizards of the Coast.

Although Hawkins is a fighter, not an artificer, his parents sent him with a mechanical lion that helps like a steel defender. It’s a fun way to incorporate features of other classes into the game!

Fashioned after Baldur’s Gate, Bochen experiences revolution after 80 years of ruling noble houses.

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